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Specialist Valuations


Our team of specialist chartered accountants deliver robust, defendable and independent business and intangible asset valuations, drawing on their deep technical expertise gained from postgraduate valuation qualifications and on their first-hand market knowledge from extensive deal execution experience.


We value businesses, equity interests, intellectual property and intangible assets across a diverse range of industries and for a variety of purposes, including:


Independent Expert Reports and Governance

  • Compliance with shareholder, partnership or franchise agreements
  • Business aggregations and restructuring activities
  • Business and asset portfolio reviews
  • Related-party transactions
  • Strategic reviews, analyses of board decisions and corporate governance purposes



  • Settlements of commercial and matrimonial disputes
  • Expert valuation reports and opinions for mediation and court proceedings
  • Single-expert reports for the Family Law Court of Australia and the Family Court of Western Australia
  • Briefs to counsel for cross examination
  • Shadow expert witness reviews


Transactions & succession

  • Sales and acquisitions of businesses, shares, intangible assets and interests in trusts and partnerships
  • Entry / exit of equity partners or shareholders
  • Minority interest valuations
  • Capital-raising proposals and bank finance applications


Tax & accounting compliance

  • Tax consolidations and restructuring activities
  • Stamp duty and capital gains tax concessions
  • Purchase price allocation and impairment testing reviews
  • Employee share and option schemes
  • Valuations of intangibles and intellectual property
  • Tax disputes